Monday, December 10, 2007

take him and shake him

Dr. Between,

Honestly, I meant no grievances by it-- I just don't happen to have a
connection to the internet at home, and printed the assignment out in a lab without seeing the "Turnitin" portion. So, honestly, I did not feel I was making an exception of myself, in fact, in all my haste I simply brushed past a sentence in the assigment [sic] that I probably shouldn't have, but of course it is to your discretion to interpret it in whichever a way you choose. Anyway, I got the sheet and pasted everything onto a .doc document, which is now on the Turnitin website.
Incoherent Nietzsche and Foucault reading misunderstood-genius-student

Now I feel bad. I suspected that the kid simply does not have his act together, but after an entire semester of ignoring MLA Style (or any style at all even though pointed out on every essay) and incoherent writing in desperate need of being worked on (also pointed out repeatedly), and help from my side allowing twice to re-submit essays, as well as unacceptable PowerPoint presentations and an artifact reflecting the coursework that turned out not to reflect the course work (admittedly so), I was so exhausted by this student as anyone reading this sentence. I want to take him and shake him and try to awake him – get out of your world at least for as long as it takes to read and follow all instructions! How can I help this kid? I feel like an enabler if I continue to provide him with more help and support than other students, probably less gifted and in way more in need of extra support. I feel manipulated, and I do not like the passive aggressiveness peeking through from time to time. The saga will probably continue next semester since he asked if I were willing to do an Independent Study with him. I will need to talk to him about that.

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