Saturday, December 22, 2007

black holes

Writing week is over. I am about to finish the article I have been working on this semester, only minor clean up is needed, and then can I send it off. Finally! This last week I spend at the table, together with a writing buddy. Working together helps not to feel guilty for not cooking, going shopping, doing whatever needs to be done. I really enjoy writing week. I will take off a few days to recharge from sleep deprivation. Even while sleeping, I dreamt of arguments, the little wheels kept turning and turning.

One long conversation with friend in other country over there revealed that another very close friend of mine had just passed away, also cancer. He was diagnosed in May and did not see to live this Christmas. I remember when I heard about the conversation when he was delivered the news of his imminent death with no hope of survival. What is going through the mind at such a moment? I cannot even imagine. Hello my dear friend, can you see me? Sometimes I feel a presence in the room by someone long gone from this earth. All the dead become one, one large entity filled with memories but free to roam and experience the world from an entirely different dimension, residing in the void of a large black hole and filling it with so much energy that it can only exist in the non-existent form of a black hole soaking up every thought ever thought, every dream ever dreamed, and every second ever lived. You are all with me now, my dear friends, but I still miss your presence in this life.

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