Wednesday, November 21, 2007

taking a break

(Hesitating) "I don't feel so good. I have some problems with depression."
"Well, I know how that feels. Last week I was so disappointed about THIS matter. I just stayed for the entire Sunday in bed. I felt so horrible. And you know what?"
"I just had enough at some point, went into the shower, got the dog, and went for a walk."
"It was so tough getting out of it, but I thought 'life goes on' - and that was it."
"Good for you." (smiles and changes subject)
It is hard enough to admit to having problems with depression. What should I answer to your well meant comment intended to lift me up? That you obviously do not know depression? That you felt disappointed and blue, but that you did not experience depression? That your story makes me feel even worse because I am NOT able to pull myself up at this point?
Depressed - one of those overused words ...

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