Monday, November 19, 2007

to do

I bought African Blue Basil (Ocimum kilimandscharicum x basilicum pupureum) in a nursery in spring, and I enjoyed it very much. I planted it in a large container between an arch and a bench on the back porch. Brushing in passing or lightly touching the plant releases as pleasant scent. The purple flower spikes look beautiful against the dark veined leaves. This aromatic ornamental grows in a beautiful shrub like mound, mine is about two to three feet high, and it is still going. We had no severe frost thus far to kill it. I have easily rooted stem cuttings in water and planted them in other containers. I probably should cut some stems now and plant them in a small pot to keep them over the winter inside for the coming spring since I am not sure if I will find it again. I decided that I am going to grow more ornamental herbs next year. Most of them have a wonderful scent, grow well in the sun, but also in partial shade, and the foliage adds depth to the flowerbed. I also like that they are not fussy at all, no insect bothered this one, but the bees just love it.
Still to do:
Grade tests; grade essays; finish own essay (still not done!); write at least four letters of recommendation for current students; take thirty minutes today to plant what i bought at the arboretum sale (ridiculous! stuff is still not in the ground!); get a hair cut; rake leaves; slowly clear flowerbeds of spent annuals; cut back other plants; think about what to plant as a screen between our neighbor with his monster garage plans and our drive way; make sure black dog gets to the vet for shots; take better care of myself by going on short walks instead of being glued to the desk throughout the day; think about input for a fountain my artist blacksmith neighbor will make for us.

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