Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Students, Students, Students

The red mandevilla (mandevilla splendens) a few days ago. Will it survive the next days?

We all end up writing letters of recommendation. But what is going on this semester? One request follows the other, and how can I not write a letter if they are good students. But sometimes I am running out of ideas, especially if it is one of those more quiet students. And then there is the "good student, but..."
X is a good student but
- came consistently late because class met at 9 am?
- came late because his mother forgot to wake him in time for class?
- submitted assignments late because the computer crashed on a regular basis?
- possibly facing major problems, biting her nails non stop with violent mood swings, and always wearing black?
- not able to utter a comprehensive sentence while reading Nietzsche and Focault?
I wish my students well, but it can get tricky. I want to open the door as much as possible, and only rarely have I suggested that someone else writes a letter of support. But I would appreciate it so much if I had more than three days and at least a week to write your letter!

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