Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Spider Lily

Out of nowhere this Spider Lily showed up in one of my flower beds. In the evening it opens up and a wonderful fragrance greets the curious onlooker. It rained a lot this spring, maybe this made it possible for the plant to bloom. I thought I had Crinum Lilies planted that simply never bloomed because they were in too shady a spot. But no, instead this mesmerizing beauty shows up. Spider Lilies prefer moist soil, so my guess is that the rain earlier in the year helped. I have a second plant, but this one is not thinking about blooming. Surprises like this in the garden do not happen too often, so I enjoy them as long as they last.

Looking at my previous entry, I am reminded of how much my garden has changed in the meantime. The blue wall is gone, instead it is now an adobe color and partly also covered with a reed fence. And I am working on a little meditation corner with a little dry river. I enjoy my garden so much, but I am not getting forward with my latest article. I have hit the usual obstacle - the research is completed, I wrote up the theoretical framework, and now I am facing the 'boring' part, and I am avoiding it. The idea is thought out, and then I get lazy, cannot get the momentum going. Well, I better stop complaining and get back to my desk.

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