Thursday, March 12, 2009

Memory Jog

Red hearts on blue wall with a sprinkling of snow on the Canadian Redbud. This one is a weeping variety named 'Lavender Twist' growing only 4-6 feet high (Cercis canadensis 'Covey').

Memory Jog
what I did not write about but actually deserves an entry

  • I got tenure last spring.
  • Since last fall Teenage Daughter is attending a public boarding school about a four hours drive away.
  • We have a new ‘garage’ or actually new large shed because of complaints from Republican Gay Guy neighbor. If you do repairs for upkeep, even if re-building the old structure, you do not have to go through the Historic Preservation approval process.
  • Republican Gay Guy neighbor received his building permit, but had to alter his plans considerably. He has not started building yet. Not too long ago he planted at the front section of our property line five small Leyland Cypress trees and five Cleyera shrubs, all within ten feet. Not possible? Yes, it is – if the plants are still small and planted less than one foot apart from each other. The plants are from Lowe’s with their large tags still attached to them, all with planting instructions and indicating the distance from each other. I feel so sorry for those poor plants.
  • Teenage Daughter has her first boyfriend. She turned fifteen last September.
  • Do I have empty nest syndrome or whatever? Lethargy during the fall and winter definitely played a role in my life.

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